is spoken during your lesson, so you will be able to learn Japanese quickly
and exactly.

We have a special training.

you can improve your Japanese skills, with our teaching method. With this method, you can learn not only Japanese but also what Japanese people think.

Group Lesson In our group lesson system, you can learn Japanese for 30 hours in a term. If you would like the group lesson system, you should take 2 lessons a week. We have another class that you can take one lesson a week on Saturdays or Sundays. You will learn Japanese for1 and a half hours in a lesson. Taking the schedule into consideration, we'll suggest a suitable class for you.
Private Lesson Students need to commit to more than 15 hours of lessons. In the private lesson system, the schedule and the number of times that you take lessons in a week will be decided after we talk about your lesson.
Special Lesson JLPT3・2・1 Course
Intensive Course ( From 3 to 5 lessons a week)

Achievement and the number of characters you will learn Be able to communicate in easy Japanese in daily conversation. Ready for level 4 of the Japanese Proficiency Test. All Hiragana and Katakana. 150~350 Kanji characters. Be able to express your opinion. Ready for level 3-2 of the Japanese Proficiency Test. 550~700 Kanji characters. Be able to have a natural conversation according to the situation. Be able to read Japanese newspapers. Ready for level 2-1 of the Japanese Proficiency Test.
Improve fundamental skills; hearing, speaking, reading and writing.
Tuition Group Lesson Private Lesson
¥1,750 per hour
¥3,500 per hour
Entrance Fee ¥10,500 ¥10,500

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International Cross Culture Promotion Center

Japanese Language School

TEL : 080-1559-9744


Classroom :

Nagoya Volunteer NPO Center (rent)

8 mins walk from fushimi sta.

Aichi NPO Exchange Plaza (rent)

10 mins walk from shiyakusho sta.

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